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Those of you who've visited here before know  I have been accused of being "Stuck in the '70s."

OK, so what? Now, here is the site to prove it!

If you too, between 1970-1981, were glued to the TV watching "The Brady Bunch," "All in the Family,"

(may Carroll O'Connor rest in everlasting peace) and "American Bandstand," and you were reading "Tiger Beat," "16,"

and "Creem," while you were wearing bell bottom Levi's, Lees and Wranglers,

pull up a bean bag on the shag rug and stick around.

Click on the links below to bring back some memories NOW!

If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas,

drop me a line at, and I'll add them to the site ASAP.

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So, get in the wayback machine, turn on the black light,

drop your arse into the beanbag chair,

grab a can o'Pringles, a chocolate space stick

and a 7-Up or TAB and dig what's goin' down, man!

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