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May 1979

Tiger Beat cover May 1979

May 1979 Tiger Beat

Vol. 15, No. 8 Table of Contents

Article: Robin (Williams) -- He Won't Make You Laugh 'Til It Hurts!

Article: Leif Garrett -- "To Sail With You" (check out these sexy bellbottoms he's wearing!)

tb0579danzapu_tn.jpg (5793 bytes)

Pinup: Tony Danza of "Taxi" (check out the tattoo!)

Advertisement: Blue Jeans Cologne

Advertisement: Agree Shampoo "Stop the Greasies"

Centerfold: Shaun Cassidy (This one would not have survived the dart board in my basement!)

Shaun Cassidy centerfold

Article: New Face to Love -- Chris Lemmon

June 1979

Tiger Beat cover June 1979

June 1979 Tiger Beat cover

Article: Leif (Garrett) -- Proud of His Past!

Vol. 15, No. 9 Table of Contents

Shaun Cassidy

Pinup: Shaun Cassidy

Pinup: Robby Benson

Robby Benson

Pinup: Jimmy McNichol (I would've sworn it was his sister Kristy if I didn't know better -- I mean, look at his hair and shirt!!)

Jimmy McNichol

July 1979

Tiger Beat cover July 1979

July 1979 Tiger Beat Cover

Vol. 15, No. 10 Table of Contents

Article: Tony (Danza's) Big Fight

Article: Leif Garrett -- "I'm Coming To You!"

Article: Jim Osmond: "He's So Glad"

Article: New Face to Love -- William Katt

Photo Spread: Dirk (Benedict) -- Fast On the Draw

Back Cover: Ad for Bonne Bell's Lip-Smackers! Who did NOT have these? I had the 7up, Hires root beer and Tootsie Roll.

Tiger Beat October 1979

October 1979 Tiger Beat cover

Vol. 16 No. 1 Table of Contents

Inside Cover: Maybelline Kissing Slicks Ad

Article: Shaun (Cassidy) -- 'I'll Never Smoke Again!'

Back Cover: Noxema Ad featuring Mariel Hemingway in the day of the big eyebrows!

Leif Garrett

Pinup: Leif Garrett (looking fabulously shaggy)

Article: Full-Color Article & Picture Tom (Wopat): The "Duke" Is A Gentleman!"

Article: Donny's a Daddy!

Article: Tiger Beat Talks To ... Erik Estrada (my gosh! this is a hot picture!!!)

Centerfold: Shaun Cassidy turns 21! (Great hair, scrawny pale legs!)

Shaun Cassidy centerfold

Article: New Face to Love -- Marc McClure (looks like a nerd to me!) from the CBS Series "California Fever"

Article: Dirk (Benedict) & Marie (Osmond) -- Is There Still A Chance?

Shawn Stevens

Pinup: Shawn Stevens

Inside Back Cover: John Schneider Pinup

John Schneider
Tiger Beat November 1979

November 1979 Tiger Beat

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Peter Barton

Pinup: Peter Barton

Vol. 16, No. 2 Table of Contents

Column: The Tiger's Tale (featuring Greg Evigan, Toni Tennille, Patrick Hernandez, Scott Baio, Dana Plato, Todd Bridges, Phillip McKeon, The Rollers)

Article: Scott's (Baio) Skatetown Spin-Around! (also featuring a picture of Patrick Swayze -- spelled wrong -- in his first movie role!)

Article: Leif's Locked Up! (Oh -- the irony!)

Leif Locked Up!

Clark Brandon

Centerfold: Clark Brandon

Pinup: Scott Baio

Scott Baio

Erik Estrada

Pinup: Erik Estrada

Article: New Face to Love -- Tony's Back (This Month: Tony DeFranco)

Article: Clark (Brandon) Says "Out of the Blue" is Out of This World!

Pinup: Greg Evigan

Greg Evigan
Super Teen January 1980 (printed and released in 1979)

January 1980 Super Teen

Vol. 3, No. 6 Table of Contents

Erik Estrada

Back Cover: Erik Estrada Pinup

Pinup: Jimmy Baio

Jimmy Baio

Peter Barton

Pinup: Peter Barton

Article: Lorenzo Lamas' Super Shake

Black & White Bonus Pinup: Andy Gibb

Andy Gibb

Article: Matt Dillon -- The Boy Next Door Who Stole Kristy's Heart and Yours (from my all-time fave teen movie Little Darlings)

John Schneider

Pinup: John Schneider (the REAL Bo Duke)

Inside Back Cover: Valerie Bertinelli Pinup

Valerie Bertinelli
Teen Beat August 1979

Teen Beat August 1979

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Coppertone ad

Inside Front Cover: Ad for Coppertone

Vol. 4 No. 1 Table of Contents

Sexy Rexy Smith

Pinup: Rex Smith (YEAH baby!)

Article: Presenting the New Shaun (Cassidy) -- complete with beard (very nice)

Pam Dawber Pinup: Pam Dawber

Pinup: Tony Danza (shirtless)

Tony Danza

Richard Hatch

Pinup: Richard Hatch (what a fox!)

Pinup: Willie Aames (or better known to my buds and me as "VILMA" -- What the hell kind of gay costume is this, anyway?)

Willie Aames

Adam Rich

Inside Back Cover: Pinup of cute little Adam Rich in a cop car (now THERE's some seriously funny irony for ya)

Back Cover: Ad for Stayfree (they're beltless!), featuring Cathy Rigby

Stayfree ad