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The real life of a '70s teen ...

Webmaster's note: All spelling and grammar remain original, and what you see is actually what appears in my 1970s diaries. I was 15 years old.

Saturday, July 1, 1978

(barbeque-Uncle Jerry's)

Today was the exact opposite of yesterday. Mom woke me up at 8 & asked me if I wanted to go to the store with them. It's a good tihng I agreed to go along cuz on the way home, mom spotted BUSTER in the park! We rushed home, unloaded the groceries, and ran back to the park. That was him alright! They were having a "celebrity" frisbee competition! I snuck up behind him & surprized him. He sure was surprized to see me there. Man, is he one gorgeous hunk of male! We talked for a second, then he had to get out there and throw the frisbee around. You should have seen him showing off. He tried a super fancy catch, and fell all over himself! Ha, ha! That got him out of the competition though. So we talked some more. They had free 7-Up there, and you should have seen him guzzling down cup after cup of it! So I kinda just stood there & stared! Finally, he asked me if I wanted one. I said, "Am I allowed one, or is it just for celebrities?" I picked up a glass & held it under the faucet. He started filling it up for me. He teased like he was gonna let it overflow, so I said, "That's cool! That's cool!" He started screaming it too, & just when it was about to foam over, he stopped! We talked a bit more, then he had to go. You should have seen those foxy shades, and the hair on his chest that stuck out from under his t-shirt! I called him after he had been on the air for awhile. We had a great talk! He said, "It was really nice seeing you at the park!" And I finally got it off my chest about how I'm gonna miss him when we leave, and he'll be here havin' fun without me! He assured me he won't be able to have much fun, cuz he'll be working. I guess we still plan on getting together before I go. I really love him, and I'm sure he knows that by now. He sure seems to like me! I'm glad!
Got a conehead poster.
Our plumbing got all backed up. Dad had to dig around in the gooey septic tank & find the problem. Toilet paper was clogging it up!
It's been raining on & off all day. Yuck! They're having a contest where the prize is a trip to see C&T in concert in LAS VEGAS!! I HAVE TO WIN!!

Sunday July 2, 1978

Today wasn't very good at all. Unca Don & BRATS came over.
Watched a Cub game. The Phillies slaughtered us.
Lisa is staying all night. Dad had a shit cuz were were laughing a bit too loud for him. What a bitch!
Sundays are boring. It rained off & on.
Me & Lisa are goofing off. I love Buster!

Monday, July 3, 1978

Today wasn't the greatest. I sat around & watched t.v. Got a book of stamps. A pen-pal in Evanston called and said that C&T are gonna be there in August.
Buster will find out what he's doing this week & let me know about it tomarrow. He said, "It's gonna be a busy week for me hun." But maybe we'll be able to see each other. Oh please Lord, let it work out! I want to be alone with him so much! I wonder if he does too? I guess I'll find out tomarrow. I sure hope I can see him again. Even if it's only for 5 mins! PLEASE, LET IT WORK!!
The Brems came over.
I wrote some great poems!

Tuesday, July 4, 1978

Heaven, I'm in heaven! Today was fantastic! The weather was fun. Me & Mike played catch with the baseball. I watched a Cub-Cardinal game. We beat them 7-5! Ha! Our neighborhood had their stupid little 4th of July Parade. But I guess it was kind of cute really. Of course I called sweetie. He alone makes me see fireworks!!!! He's busy tomarrow & Thursday, but said, "How about Friday?" I'm gonna meet him at the station at 4:00!! Ain't that GR-8?! Mom's gonna drop me off there so we can be alone! I can't wait! I'm nervous, but that's nothing new. I'm used to it! I thank you Lord, for letting it work out right so far! Please let the rest work out! I'm determined to give him a good-bye kiss!!!!!

Wednesday, July 5, 1978

Today was great too! Played tennis, frisbee with Lisa. Got lots of exercise.We went swimming. Got a real good tan!
Buster was sweet! Talked in his Fred voice. We talked about all kinds of stuff. He got more burned today.
Stacey came over this evening. We played baseball. I called Buz again while she was here. I told him I was doin' some spur of the moment partyin' & I let her say "hi." He asked if we were smokin' some of "that funny stuff," and what we were drinkin'. I love that guy!

Thursday, July 6, 1978

Today was good enough. Went shopping with ma & Aunt Dot. Got some summer clothes, a portable radio, some cards for Buster. We ate at Lums. Traded Lisa some baseball cards. Also got at store, 2 bean-bag Donald Ducks. Ma embroidered "Fred" on their shirts. I'm giving one to tweetie tomarrow. Talked to him tonight, of course. We didn't say much. I was his 2nd caller. Neither of us had anything to say. I hope it don't go like this tomarrow. I'm gonna wear some tight short shorts. I want to kiss him good bye, but it just better go the way I want it to, or I think I'll cry!

Friday, July 7, 1978

Today must have been the most beautiful day in my life! Buster and the station were great! He is so sweet! His first words when he saw me were, "Hi there lady!" We talked & he showed me everything there. I gotta see the fm control room while Charlie was on the air. Talked to him too. The place is really neat! Buster is a hunk! He was wearing blue jeans that fit sooo good, & a cute blue & white striped shirt. I said I had a surprize for him and asked if we could be alone. He drug me to the snack place & we were. I made him close his Eyes & hold out his hand & I put Fred in it. He LOVED him!! I'll write the whole day in detail later. Then I went to a record store & there was C&T's new album "Dream"!! Naturally, I got it! It's great! I'm so glad it's out! I still do love Daryl & Toni! They're the best!!!

Saturday, July 8, 1978

Left home about 4 A.M. Got here around 3. Sure is hot out! My room is just like at home. Been listening to my new C&T album on my stereo. Brought my transfer of Buz, now hanging on my dresser. Listened to an old tape of him. A few boys a year older than me came over & offered to help. They asked if I wanted to go swimming with them. I told 'em no thanks. Wrote to my boyfriend back home. I think I'm entitled to call him that! I talked to him on the phone for awhile last night. He said, "I wuv you," in his Fred voice. He also said he'd write me. I'm pretty comfortable here, but I can't wait to get back to continue my love-life. Sure has been goin' good so far. I'm stupid. I coulda had a kiss when we were alone, but I was too busy tryin to get Fred outta my purse!!
Editor's Note: The following is from the recently discovered small composition book, containing only a few entries, entitled "The true story of a vacation spent in Pleasant Grove, Arkansas, by Julie Marie Fidler." 3/14/05
Day 1 -- July 8, 1978 -- Sat.
We left very early in the morning. I had slept very little the night before, and I was awakened by the sound of WIRL on my mom & dad's clock radio. The first words uttered from my lips were: "Oh no!" I jumped out of bed, and raced into my parents room where my mom flashed a confused look at me, and asked what the problem was. I told her it was stupid for them to be listening to WIRL on our last few minutes in civilization - er, I mean Peoria. Therefore, I promptly switched the channel to KZ-93.
By about 4 A.M., we were backing the truck out of the driveway. I sat in the back with Eggbert (locked in his cage) and all of the junk.
As we passed everything that meant anything to me, or had any kind of place in my heart, I said good-bye to it. "Bye house. Bye driveway. Bye Brookview. Bye cruel world!"
By the time we got into town (Peoria, that is) Snookums (Eggbert) was getting a little restless. He began meowing louder than I've ever heard him meow before. I thought maybe if I talked to him in a nice tone of voice he would be quiet. So, I started talking, but he just kept on yelling.
As we were leaving Peoria, I let out one tremendous, "GOOD-BYE BUSTER, I LOVE YOU!!" Then I started to cry. But that didn't last long, because the cat interrupted my train of thought as it flashed back to the day before, and the beautiful time I had spent with my Buster. I held onto Fred tightly as the cat growled and violenty thrusted his paws out of the cage. He scratched everything within his reach, including my toes! I tried reaching my hand out ot pet and calm him, but he just bit and scratched at it too. He wouldn't settle down. I even tried singing to him.
When it started to get light out, I began to get up my courage. I slowly reached toward him, and all in one swift motion opened up the top of the cage. Eggy stuck his head out the top and looked around. Then he quickly hopped out and ran to me. He climbed on me and rubbed up against my face purring contently. He rode most of the rest of the way down asleep on my lap.
We got to our house in Pleasant Grove around 3 o'clock that afternoon. I felt like one big can of Crisco. The minute we unboarded the truck, we began to carry things into the house. Before you can say "Arkansas Razorback," my room was looking just like home, with a few small exceptions, of course.
While dad was doing some thing outdoors, a few boys came by and offered to help him. He invited them in. I looked pretty scuzzy, and truly didn't feel like seeing any males at the time. Two of them wre 16, and the other looked to be about 11 or 10. Before they left,   they asked me if I wanted to go swimming with them. I told them "No thanks." I'm no idiot!
We got everything moved in and situated, then hit the sack.
Oh yeah, I wrote one leter to Buster that night.

Sunday, July 9, 1978

(108 record breaker; 2nd Day--16 days to follow)

Today was alright. It's hotter than hell though, and I feel so grubby. I haven't washed my hair since Friday. I could use some grease relief! We went into Mt. View to get some groceries. Got some neat candy called Pop Rocks that explode in your mouth, a duck balloon in honor of Fred. Been writing all day to Stacey, Lisa & Buster. Can't wait till we get the plumbing put in! The t.v. comes in pretty good. Everything's goin' fine so far. When I get lonely for Buster, I just flip on my handy dandy tape recorder & hear his sexy voice via tape! I love him, I really do!
Editor's Note: The following is from the recently discovered small composition book, containing only a few entries, entitled "The true story of a vacation spent in Pleasant Grove, Arkansas, by Julie Marie Fidler." 3/14/05
Day 2 -- I spent most of my day writing to friends back home. Which included another letter to Buster.
It got real hot. Up to 108 in the shade. Then it dropped 22 degrees in a couple minutes during a heavy rainfall.
We drove into Mountain View to the Nu-Way Store and got some groceries.
When we got back to the house, I watched the television. It came in pretty well, considering.
I came across a couple of old tapes with Buster on them. Listening to them made me feel a bit more at home.
The cat adjusted quite easily to Arkansas life.
My hair was getting awfully greasy, and I could hardly wait until we got the plumbing in.

Monday, July 10, 1978

(3rd Day -- 15 days to follow)

Today wasn't bad. We rented a P.O. box. #24. Only 3 bucks a year. Now I'll be able to get mail here. Sent off all of my letters I wrote. Went into Mt. View. Ate at Rainbow Cafe. Looked in new record store. Might get Buz a football jersy, he told me he likes them. We bought a luv seat for living room. Today, we got the pump put in. We now have RUNNING WATER! I was on the turlet, and it gave out on me! What an experience! Ha, ha! It wasn't funny at the time though! I got a "Nerfman" I felt like playing with a toy for some reason! Wrote to Buster again. Washed my hair.
Editor's Note: The following is from the recently discovered small composition book, containing only a few entries, entitled "The true story of a vacation spent in Pleasant Grove, Arkansas, by Julie Marie Fidler." 3/14/05
Day 3 -- We went to the local post office - store - gas station, and rented our own little P.O. Box # 24. It only costs 3 bucks a year to rent.
Dad asked Mr. Duane Logan (store owner, post-master, miscellaneous) if he could put in a pump for us. He said he'd get around to it either later that afternoon or the next day.
I mailed all of my letters while we were there.
We went into Mt. View. We ate at the famed Rainbow Cafe. I had a thick, juicy hamburger, and nice crispy french fries.
We did a little shopping while we were in town. I, of course, had to check out the new record store to see if it was cool. "The Entertainer" struck me to be a beautiful place, as the first album I saw was the Captain and Tennille's "Love Will Keep Us Together," and right next to it was Andy Gibb's "Shadow Dancing." They also sold shirts and transfers and lettering. The football jersys hit my eye as I remembered how Buster had told me that he loved to wear them.
We left there and went onto a hardware store, where I purchased a Nerfman for some silly reason! Then, we went to a Modern Builders store. Mom and I looked at all of the sofas. We saw a cute love seat, and asked the guy how much it cost. When he said only 69 dollars and 95 cents, Ma decided to buy it right then and there.

Tuesday, July 11, 1978

(4th Day -- 14 days to follow)

Today was okay. Went into town again. Got a pair of Wranglers. Dad's been working on the plumbing all day. I guess he's making progress, I dunno.
I've been sittin' around getting fatter & uglier.
Guess who did the National Anthems for the big All-Star game tonight? Daryl & Toni did! Ain't that great?! The whole country saw them!!!
It wasn't quite as hot.
National League won of course! They're the best!

Wednesday, July 12, 1978

(5th Day -- 13 days to follow)

Morris the CatMorris the cat died today at 17. Today was better. We didn't go to Mt. View. We got our very first piece of mail. Addressed to none other than "Postal Patron." An add for True Value! Wow, big deal! Hey! The water in the kitchen sink, and bathtub are running now! I washed my hair, and it looks really pretty. I think it must be the soft water they have here! I also took a bath for the first time since last Friday! I musta smelt horrible! I been eatin' too much & goin' to the can too little, and my stomach is killing me! I miss Buz already, & I still have 2 more weeks of this to go! Hope he writes soon!

Thursday, July 13, 1978

(6th Day -- 12 days to follow)

Today was weird. Ma & pa went in to get some wood for the bathroom floor. I washed my hair. Me & ma headed into town, but I got real sick so we turned back. Then I got better & we went back into town. I bought Buz a yellow football jersy with a pic of a guy & it says "I've got the music in me." On the back I had put "B.Bradley" He should like it. Did our laundry.
Made a neat July calendar. Bought some stencils, color pens, and paper. If I didn't have something to do, I'd be bored to death!
Dad's doin' real good on the bathroom.

Friday, July 14, 1978

(7th Day -- 11 days to follow)

Today was no fun. But then again, not one day here yet, has actually been what one might call fun. Has it?
Dad got everything in the bathroom done. Sure am glad that's over with! Now, may be we WILL have a little fun. And I'm also glad there is now no chance of the turlet collapsing with me on it! I feel cleaner too.
I'm at the point where the thought of no Buster is beginning to get to me. I wonder if he misses me too? Hope he hurries up and gets a letter to me!

Saturday, July 15, 1978

(8th Day -- 10 days to follow; Buz leaves for vacation after work)

Now, today was fun! We went to Blanchard Springs Caverns & took the Discovery Trail. I loved it!! Then, we stopped at the Post Office, and I got my first letter down here. It's from Lisa. Her letter brought BIG NEWS! C&T ARE DOING A CONCERT IN PEORIA AUG. 8!!! Chances of me meeting them are very good! I wrote to Carol Cicotti about it. AIN'T IT GR8
Unca Don, David & Dale arrived late this afternoon.
I wanna go home! I need to find out more about this C&T concert. Like if I need reserved seats. I hope I don't!

Sunday, July 16, 1978

(9th Day -- 9 days to follow)

Today was fun too. We went swimming in the White River with our neighbors. It felt real good. I put some white sand in a bottle to bring back. L.G. asked if I wanted to float downstream with him on his air mattress. I didn't. Got a tan.
I made spaghetti for supper. It was real good.
I'm really starting to miss Buster & things back home. I was at the point where I was about to cry today, but I held it in. If I don't hear from him soon, I will cry! He said he'd write. Guess I just need to give him time.

Monday, July 17, 1978

(10th Day -- 8 days to follow; Buster goes on vacation)

Today was just about fantastic! I got 3 letters in the mail. One was from a tape pal, and the other two were from Stacey. The ones from Stacey brought HEAP BIG NEWS! She told me how much the concert tickets are & where to get 'em! So I quickly wrote to Bergners & charged two $9 seats (the best) and got it mailed off. Wow, my prayers really are paying!
The Brems came over.
Haven't heard from Buster yet. He better write soon! That brat!
I don't believe it! I'm so happy! Daryl & Doni actually coming to PEORIA! I love God, and I truly believe in him. I have no doubts anymore. He really does care!

Tuesday, July 18, 1978

(11th Day -- 7 days to follow)

Today was sickening. Just despicable. Got up, washed my hair, sat around. Went to the Post Office. Of course I didn't get no mail! He ain't gonna write. He could care less about me! I HATE it here. I wanna go home!!!
We went to see the Brems on their property.
We did our laundry.
We ate supper.
I found a tick on me. I'm scared. I want to GO HOME!

Wednesday, July 19, 1978

(12th Day -- 7 days to follow)

Today was even worse than yesterday (if it's possible!)
Uncle Don & boys came over.
I'm making a big sign for the Captain & Tennille concert that says "Welcome to Peoria Daryl & Toni"
I wanna go home.

Thursday, July 20, 1978

(13th Day -- 6 days to follow)

Today wasn't as bad. We went over to Batesville. Don followed us over then went on home (lucky idiot). It's a fair size town. Did some shopping. Got 5 magazines, a John Travolta poster. Ate at Taco Hut. Had 4 tacos.
No mail.
I wanna go home.

Friday, July 21, 1978

(14th Day -- 5 days to follow)

Today was better. Got 2 pal letters and one from Mike. Mailed Stubborn a letter & Charlie Quinn a card.
Went to Ozark Folk Center. We talked to our friend Carl King. He's really neat!
I got stun by a wasp on my left inner thigh. Oh man does it hurt!! It's killing me!
Guess what?! We're going home a day earlier! I can't wait! I wanna go home!

Saturday, July 22, 1978

(15th Day -- 4 days to follow)

Today wasn't the greatest. The only time I left the house was to go to the Post office. I didn't get no mail.
Dad & L.G. mowed the weeds.
The weather was nice. My room is a mess.
My leg hurts so bad! Dad's been messin' with it, opening it. Hope it's better by tomarrow.
I wanna go home!

Sunday, July 23, 1978

Today was probably the best of all the yucky days we've spent here. We went to the cave & took the other tour. I loved it, but I could not stomach the guide! Then we went swimming in the Springs. It was fun, but woulda been funner if mom wasn't such a wet blanket. Then we went to eat at the Junction Restaurant for ma & pa's anniversary. Pretty good food.
Came back here & I cleaned out my room & got my stuff all packed up. I wanna go home!
L.G. said I was "the most beautifullest girl I ever did see"

Monday, July 24, 1978

(Ma & Pa's 29th Anniversary)

Today was nice. While dad spent the day logging with L.G. & Burt, me & ma had fun. I got a letter from Stacey & Lisa & Aunt Dot. Lisa sent a clipping from the Penny Press about the C&T concert. Really gorgeous pic! Had my Buz transfer put on a red football jersy & on the back "Julie of IVC" Got another t-shirt. Shows 2 puppies & says "Love Will Keep us Together" Also got a mood ring. Did Laundry. Got statoinery. Mom & Dad's anniversary. The weather was very nice. Not too hot, and a nice breeze. My leg's doing better. Itches instead of hurts. I wanna go home.

Tuesday, July 25, 1978

Woke up with a big fat tick stuck in my hip slurping away.
We used up today packing things in the truck.
It was hot out.
We leave for home as soon as we wake up tomarrow! HIP, HIP HOORAY!!

Wednesday, July 26, 1978

Today was gr-8. Because we got home naturally! Got lots of mail. One has C&T's home address! One is the newsletter. No news from Mrs. Cicotti though.
Buz is on from 8 pm-1am this week. I called Chuck & found that out. He didn't write cuz he didn't get any of my letters until the day before he left for his vacation so he didn't have any time. He felt bad about it. He said he thought alot about me. We talked alot; about C&T, the t-shirts (he's decided he wants his without lettering) Fred, our vacations, & that we had more to talk about than we could then over the phone. He's a sweetheart. I'm so happy to be home to continue my love-life.
Talked to Stacey a bunch. I'm spending the night tomarrow. It's her birthday.

Thursday, July 27, 1978

Today was good & bad. Bad: Got period this morning. Went to get our T-shirts. In order to do it, they need Buzze's pic again. I say hell with that. Didn't stay all night with Stacey. Good: got C&T concert tickets. Called tweetie twice. First, at 8. I told him 'bout the shirts. I'm stopping by the station Sat. to pick up his transfer to put on the shirt, & give him the one I got him in Ark. Second, called him at 11. He didn't recognize me at first. I said, "It's me." He goes, "Who's me?" When I said Julie, he started singing "Julie, Julie, Julie, do ya love me?" I was gonna say yes, but I couldn't fit it in edgewise!

Friday, July 28, 1978

Today was great. Picked up my room. Staying all night with Stacey. We ate at the Sea Merchant. I had salmon. Real good. Called Tigger as soon as we got back. He said he couldn't talk long, he's so busy. He said to call back after 11 & he'd be able to talk. So, we played poker, then I called back. He asked how many other people were here. I said 3! He has a "gut ache." I told him we were playing poker. When he asked if it was strip, I said no, it's just us girls & that's no fun, but if he wants to join us ... He cracked up!! Stacey MIGHT come with me to see my lover tomarrow. He played "Shop Around" for me.

Saturday, July 29, 1978

I woke up sick. Layed around till 11:30. Called him at noon & told him how I felt. Wanted me to be in between 1 & 1:30. Got there about 20 after. I was surprized to see that he didn't look his usual tidy self. He wore baggy beige jeans & an untucked yellow & brown striped polo shirt. Looked like he forgot to shave. He was very handsome. I gave him the jersy. He loved it. "That's class!" he said. He says I made him feel bad cuz he hadn't got me nothing. Had tranfer put on. Brung it back to him. Left it & called back when I got home. He thought it was so neat! He said, "I'm gonna put it on now!" "Right there?" I said, "Too bad I missed it!"

Sunday, July 30, 1978

(Bob's 23rd B-day)

A very nice day. Beautiful weather! Me and Lisa played for awhile. Putting guys heads on girls bodies in catalogs. Bob & Shar & Chad came over. We ate hot dogs & burgers on the grill & cake. Me & Shar had a really neat talk about Buster & stuff. She's cool to have for a sister-in-law. Lisa came back over till 10.

Monday, July 31, 1978

Today was great! One reason is I got the typewriter. It sure is cool. Now I can practice up for school. I don't think I'll mind going back at all. High school is fun! I love this typewriter!!!!!!!
I called Buster 3 times tonight. Not on purpose, though. The 1st time, he was real busy, so we didn't talk. He's wearing the football jersy I got him! He called me "Babe" and "Woman". He dedicated a song to me. He said, "For the incoming seniors of Chilli's IVC" Then, a little later, he dedicated one to Brookview. So, I called. He said that one was for Marie. I told him about what type of a person she is and that she really isn't a friend of mine. He was in a real good and talkative mood tonight! I sure do love him. He's so much fun to talk at. Especially when he says funny stuff back! What a genuine sweetie.