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This page is dedicated to the memory of my mother,
Earlene Marie Biddison Fidler (1928-2003).
I can cook today because my Mom cared then.
I miss you Mom!

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(Pictured: Mom and me clowning around in the dining room at 1122 E. Brookview Lane, Peoria, Illinois, 1977)

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Featured recipes my family loved in the 1970s. The three main sources, at least for the time being, for these recipes are my mother and two cookbooks that were favorites of mine when I was a kid.

My 4-H Cookbook

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Above left is the cover of my cookbook, You Learn to Bake, from 1974 when I was a member of the Mossville Merry Maids 4-H Club. The book was printed in May 1970 in Urbana, Illinois, from the Cooperative Extension Service, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Above right is a portion of my favorite recipe, Oatmeal Drop Cookies. You can see my mom wrote in the book that I had done a good job (at age 11) making these cookies. That's 'cause I always had my dad's strong arm to stir the batter once I'd added the oatmeal. When I made the cookies to enter in the Heart of Illinois Fair (in Peoria), Dad was at work and unavailable to stir. I couldn't get the mixture stirred up very well with my scrawny little arms, and as a result received only a third-place ribbon for my efforts. (That's right, Dad, it's all your fault!)

Soon, I'll upload some of the recipes for you to try.

My Mom's Cookbook for Me

momcookbook.jpg (19611 bytes)

Above is the first page of the cookbook my mom put together for me so that I'd be able to do my best to try to recreate her cooking. She bought a blank book in the late '70s and started this for me, as you can see by her handwritten entry.

Click on the recipe names below to go to Mom's recipe:

Recipes coming soon from this cookbook are strictly my Mom's and include:

  • Mom's Fudge

  • Pizza Balls

  • Fresh Apple Cake

  • Pumpkin for Pie

  • Cookies (Thumb Print)

  • Spaghetti Sauce

  • Chicken & Noodles

  • Salmon Patties

  • More!

Peanuts Cook Book

peanutscookbook.jpg (50249 bytes)

Scholastic Book Services, third printing, February 1970

This is a book my brother, Mike, got through the Scholastic Book Club at school. We cooked the dickens out of stuff in it!

Click the recipe names below to open a new page that contains the scanned-in recipe!

Recipes coming soon from the Peanuts cookbook include:

  • Great Pumpkin Cookies

  • Security Cinnamon Toast

  • More!



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